Women’s volleyball falls to Monterey

The team's early season struggles continue

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HSU’s Ladyjacks’ early season struggle continues

In the Lumberjacks first home game of the season against the Cal State Monterey Bay Otters, excitement was in the air.

The Jacks men’s soccer team attended the volleyball match to support the Lady Jacks along with some of the Jacks men’s basketball team.

It was a close game. The first set ending with a win for the Otters, 26-24. Our Lady Jacks had their work cut out for them, but it didn’t dull their spirits. Jacks senior outside hitter Natalie Picone was determined to lead the team to victory.

Junior outside hitter Lauren Reid had 15 kills in the game scoring for the Jacks.

“Monterey Bay is a very good team,” head coach Kelly Wood said. “They have a really good setter and they run a 5-1 setup.”

Even with the effort put in by our Lady Jacks, the Otters held a fast paced offense. The time frame between setting and hitting was a matter of seconds.

The Jacks were quick on the defense with a total of eight team blocks, but every set fell right behind the Otters.

Despite this setback, Picone gave a pep talk after the second set ending in another loss for the Jacks, 25-20. Picone shared reassuring words to her fellow teammates in the huddle.

During the final set, energy was heightened and the pressure was on. Our Lady Jacks were determined to finish strong no matter what.

The pace of the game quickly picked up and the Otters finished the set 25-19, causing the Jacks to let go of their home opener and lose in straight sets, 3-0. Their record now stands at 3-7.

The Jacks will travel south to play Cal State San Bernardino Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.

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