Football looks to bounce back


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With 28 points on the scoreboard by halftime the Central Washington Wildcats stole the show from the Lumberjacks.

Showing no mercy, the Wildcats completed its first shutout against the Jacks since 2007 with a final score of 49-0.

Three Jacks quarterbacks hit the field in Yakima, Washington on Sept. 15. Starter Joey Sweeney and back ups Sohail Moshini and Andrew Tingstad only completed 10 out of 28 passes for a total of 116 yards and an interception.

The Jacks offense struggled to finish drives as they failed to make it to the end zone on this day and the Jacks defense allowed the Wildcats to average 11 yards per rush.

Although Wildcats quarterback Reilly Hennessey completed nine out 17 passes for 112 yards and three touchdowns, Jacks linebacker Moses Finau attempted to slow things down with an interception on the first drive of the second quarter.

The defense tried their best to stop as many Wildcat completions as possible.

Safety Adam Herrera finished with 10 tackles, followed by linebacker Isaiah Sires-Wils who finished with nine. Along with the tackles came a Jack sack from defensive lineman Latufeao Kolopeaua.

The Jacks look to turn around their 0-2 overall, and 0-1 league record as they host the Western Oregon Wolves this Sept. 22 in the Redwood Bowl. Kickoff is at 6 p.m.


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