EDITORIAL: Seriously, go vote

Important measures on the local ballet and why your vote matters nationally

Register to vote, re-register to vote or simply vote. If you have to register or are registered to a different county, register here and register now. The deadline to vote in the midterm elections is Oct. 22.

Vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 6, on your local ballot measures and on your national representation. Too often voters forget there are branches to the government that aren’t presidential.

Out of the eight measures on the ballot in Humboldt county, we urge you to pay special attention to Measure M and Measure K. When the time comes, Humboldt county voters should vote against Measure M.

Measure M is a petition initiative to protect the President William McKinley statue from any “modification and/or destruction of the President William McKinley Statue and its base and/or the relocation from its historic place in the center of the Arcata Plaza.”

The city of Arcata already voted to remove the statue on March 21, based on the fact that Arcata is on Wiyot land and the statue serves as an ugly reminder of a Confederate past.

But the statue is considered a historic feature of the Arcata plaza and could cost up to $65,000 to relocate. If passed Measure M would not allow the statue to be removed.

Removing Mckinley would make Arcata the first city to remove a presidential monument.

Arguments filed in favor of and against the measure are filed on the City of Arcata website for consideration.

Another measure Humboldt voters must consider is Measure K.

Measure K is a petition initiative to make Humboldt county a sanctuary county.

A yes vote on Measure K favors preventing “local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officials,” making Humboldt County a sanctuary county.

A no vote on Measure K would essentially allow local law enforcement agencies to cooperate at will with federal immigration officials.

We urge Humboldt voters to vote yes on Measure K to ensure Humboldt is a safe community for everyone.

Grassroots group Centro del Pueblo has been promoting the initiative since 2016 and successfully passed sanctuary status for Arcata according to their Measure K website.

The full measure addresses restrictions and permissions of what law enforcement and county employees can do in regards to cooperating with federal immigration enforcement. It also prohibits the use of county funds to aid immigration enforcement. It also addresses county protocol for “welfare of children of deported parents.”

The measure also states that the measure would not prevent county employees or police officers from outright disobeying the law or responding appropriately in an emergency.

The Eureka Times-Standard has reported the measure would cost the county $300,000.

Alternatively, KHSU reported this is a skewed idea of what the measure will cost the county, according to lawyer and advocate Erick Kirk.

We urge voters to read the measure for consideration.

Finally, vote because this is when it matters nationally. Republicans currently hold majority votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. According to Ballotpedia, all 435 lower House of Representative seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs.

After the current Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, we strongly believe a shift in political majority can not come soon enough.

This election has the potential to shift the power of the majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate from Republican to Democrat.

According to the Guardian, “the Democratic party is defending 26 seats (including two independents, who usually vote with them) while the Republicans only have to defend nine.”

It takes 51 seats to control the majority in the Senate and 218 to control majority vote in the House of Representatives.

Voters across the nation have the opportunity to greatly influence the shift of power in Congress. The President is only one branch of our government. The Senate and House of Representatives make up the law making branch of our government.

And for those who do not agree with us, go vote about it.

For more information on what’s on the Nov. 6 ballot visit the Midterm Congressional, State, and Local Elections page on the http://usa.gov website.


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