Local Measure 2018 Election Results

This page was updated with results on Nov. 7 at 3:55 p.m.

Some results may not reflect the final results for a few days or weeks due to mail-in ballots being accounted for. Final tally will be determined around December.

Measure H:

The county voted 73.66% yes, 26.44% no

Measure H is a tax that increases the cost of hotel taxes by 10% for those who wish for occupancy at any hotel located at blue lake. The funds will go to the city’s general fund, with an predicted annual revenue of $19,000.


Measure I:

The county voted 48.10% yes, 51.90% no

Measure I is a tax increase for the city of Eureka, it would increase the city’s sales tax by %0.25 in order to fund local roads for 20 years. The predicted annual revenue would be $2.2 million

Measure J:

The county voted 48.10% yes, 51.90% no

Measure J is to continue a tax increase for the city of Rio Del, it would maintain the 1% city sales tax until December 2024. The predicted revenue would be $245,000 annually, with the purpose to fund general city purposes.

Measure K:

The county vote voted 51.56% yes, 48.44% no

Measure K is a county initiative that would make Humboldt county a ‘sanctuary county’, meaning that local law enforcement agencies cannot work with ICE to detain illegal immigrants from the Humboldt county.

Measure L:

The county voted 66.39% yes, 33.61% no

Measure L is a bond that would allow Cutten school district to sell up to $4,000,000 in bonds, it would need %55 of the vote in order to pass the ballot. The intention of the ballot is to fund improvements to the school such as constructions, school safety, and improvements on technology for educational purposes.

Measure M:

The county voted 37.84% yes, 63.16% no

Measure M is an initiative to prevent any modification or removal of the statue of president McKinley on the Arcata Plaza. After a vote from the Arcata city council voted 4-1 for the removal of the statue, measure M was launched with many residences signatures to allow for the voters to have a say on whether the statue should be removed.

Measure N:

The county vote 69.27% yes, 30.73% no

Measure N would allow for the Northern Humboldt Union High School District to issue and sell up to $24.0 million in bonds in an aggregate principal amount with an interest rate not exceeding the legal amount. NHUHSD would also need to provide financing for specific types of school projects that the money would be used for. This would allow, but not limited to, repairing broken parts of the school’s infrastructure, allow to expand school facilities, and modernize classroom’s.

Measure O:

The county voted 71.94% yes, 28.06% no

Measure O would continue with the tax increase that was voted in 2014 by a rate of %0.5, the funds from measure O would be used for general county purposes. The predicted annual rate with the passing of the measure would generate $12 million.


Sourced from Humboldtgov.org

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