Seven best pump up songs to get you in the mood for any occasion. | Photo by Amanda Schultz

Deven’s top seven pump up songs

Seven songs that'll electrify your soul

Seven songs that’ll electrify your soul

Whether you are about to go out for the night, practicing for the big game, or getting ready to ask that person out, we all have our songs that pump us up and get our blood flowing in anticipation. Here are my top 7 pump up songs:

1. “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
We start with the quintessential pump up song from Rocky III. You will always feel epic when listening to this song. Channel your inner Sylvester Stallone and take on the day!

2. “Get on the Floor” – Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has a lot of pump up songs, but this one doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s groovy, it’s funky, and it always gets me out of my seat and onto my feet.

3. “Learn How to Watch” – Carnage, Mac Miller, and MadeinTYO

Whenever this song plays, I immediately feel like I am walking into a wrestling ring as someone is taking off my robe and yelling in my ear to pump me up. Nobody can mess with you when you’re playing this song

4. “Glowed Up” – KAYTRANADA and Anderson Paak

This is a song for when your just simply feeling yourself. You look good today and you know it. You’ve come a long way and you are killing it. Also KAYTRANADA’s house-esque hip hop beats blend amazingly with Anderson. Paak’s raspy but soothing voice.

5. “Sabotage” – The Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys also have a wide catalog of pump up songs, but this one stands out the most to me. With the multiple breakdowns and build ups, chunky guitar chords and a record scratching solo, this song was destined to be one of the best pump up songs.

6. “Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

The song and video are incredibly cheesy, but every time it comes on it always lifts my mood. Part of it might be how it’s so fun to watch a young Mark Wahlberg rapping and dancing around. And to top it off, everyone who knows the song always sings along to chorus.

7. “Final Countdown” – Europe

Just in time for finals, this is one of the most important pump up songs in history. You could add this song to the background of anything and it immediately becomes more impressive. The opening riff that is sustained throughout a lot of the songs is one of the most instantly recognizable riffs of all time. And just like with Good Vibrations, your going to get everyone in the room singing “It’s the final countdown!”


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