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Nevertheless, they persisted


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Women’s March continues despite rumors of cancellation

Women and allies gathered at the Madaket Plaza Jan. 19 in Humboldt’s typically dismal and dreary weather to march alongside one another under umbrellas for the third annual Women’s March. Dressed head to toe in winter attire were an estimated 700 to 800 hundred people who came out in support of the march. Some had attended the various marches before and some had come out for the first time ever. Among the busy crowd of parents covering up children as best as possible were some students strewn in the mix as well.

Roman Thompson, a member of the HSU debate team, Black Student Union, and New Tide 18 attended the march to show support for women and see how people of color were being represented in the march.

“I feel like they did have a bit of diversity problems, but I feel that the fact they were here today despite all, that it’s still representing multiple people throughout the struggle,” Thompson said. “It would be more of an issue if they cancelled it just because it was like not that many people of color so we couldn’t do it until the next month and then the month after that in which it would just delay the cause”.

Kathy Srabian, one of the lead organizers for the march shared that when previous march organizer Linda Atkins had to take a rest from planning the march for health reasons, she stepped in to help, going with the flow. Srabian said that whatever happened, happened and she would not be helping out again, due to the unexpected events that occurred during the march. Halfway through the march the parade itself went off course and caused some issues. Srabian had received a call from EPD saying that the parade was not going along the pre-decided march route.

“My fucking parade is out there somewhere,” Srabian said while sitting on the floor of the Madaket Plaza wondering how her and her team had not thought of this possibly happening.

Despite there being a few hiccups throughout the day, the march made a good impact on the community said new community member, Kathy Rile. Just having moved here six months ago, she thought it was important for everyone to show up and stand up for what they believe in.

“I’m so grateful for everyone coming especially because it was so rainy this morning,” Rile said. “I believe it is very important that we have to show up…with the groups of people who are marching for justice, healing, peace, goodwill, change, and helping people who have been exploited and ignored.”

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