HSU collected demands during their pre-forum for their presidential search. | Photo by Dajonea Robinson

The search is on

Demands listed for CSU Board of Trustees to consider for new HSU President

CSU Board of Trustees lists demands for new Humboldt State President

The search is on for HSU’s new president with a public forum to be held on Monday, Feb. 4 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room. On Thursday night, there was a pre-forum set in place to brainstorm demands that the public would like to be included for the California State Board of Trustees to consider when selecting a replacement for current president Lisa Rossbacher.

Some of the demands listed for the Board to consider are for the incoming president to be more engaged with the student population as well as the community; to support efforts to fund diverse communities; to be more engaged with conversation about climate change; and to have a strong “demonstrated history of social justice,” among other issues. Tay Triggs, Student Engagement and Leadership Dean, was in attendance at the meeting and felt that the new president will have to do more when it comes to cultural and racial equity at HSU.

“I hope our new president is more vocal about their support of what the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is trying to do,” Triggs said.

During the nearly two-hour long meeting there were six different tables set up that discussed a variety of topics for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Some of the topics discussed included: Budget and Fundraising; Campus and Community Engagement; Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity; Recruit and Retention; and Vision and Leadership.

Although the meeting was open to the public as well as to the student body, most of those in attendance were non-students. However, Jazmin Sandoval, a senior majoring in film and current president of the Associated Students, was in attendance voicing her concerns for what she would like from the next president.

“I would love to see the next president have more of an equitable lens when it comes to the indigenous community and to be cognizant of the racial tensions,” Sandoval said. “I also want them to be excited and to want to be here for the long term.”

The shortcomings of the current administration were also discussed during the meeting with many people feeling that current president Rossbacher did not do enough outreach and lacked transparency.

“I am a transfer student and had no idea about the racial tensions on this campus,” Sandoval said. “I think what fell short is the lack of communication and the sensitivity around a lot of things that have happened on this campus in the last couple of years.”

The university will be sending out an email with the minutes and full list of proposed demands on Friday.

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