Dorm room in Slottman Building at University of California, Berkeley. | Photo courtesy Prayitno Hadinata

#HorrorStories: Roommates

"He sleeps in his underwear."

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“He sleeps in his underwear!”

You and your roommate won’t always be two peas in a pod. We asked Humboldt State University students their worst roommate experiences. Tell us your horror stories in the comments to be featured in other videos.

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  1. Mel Mel Thursday, February 7, 2019

    I had a neighbor in the dorms who liked to throw loud parties in his room on weeknights even though we asked him not to. One time his friend (who didn’t live on our floor) was drunk and passed out in our shared, single-stall bathroom and he just left her there.

  2. M K M K Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    My freshman year roommate left her dirty underwear on the floor for weeks or until she decided to do laundry. She also only showered and changed her clothes twice a week.. I’m all for being eco friendly, but there are limits.

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