Shanna Gunn, lead animal technician for Companion Animal Foundation, talks with Shelby Cordts, zoology junior during The Career and Volunteer Expo on Feb. 14. | Photo by T.William Wallin

Kittens and volunteers at HSU’s volunteer expo

HSU career and volunteer expo hosts 95 organizations

Humboldt State Career and Volunteer Expo hosts 95 organizations

Nearly 100 organizations made the journey through sideways rain for the Humboldt State Career and Volunteer Expo. The event was held in the west gym on Feb. 14 from 12 p.m. to 4p.m. and included prospecting volunteers and job recruiters that ranged from California Conservation Corps to Companion Animal Foundation.

HSU’s career advisor Joy Soll, said that 70 percent are received because of networking.

“This gives students an opportunity to actually meet employees and to actually talk to people,” Soll said.

WALLIN.CAREER.02.14.1920190214 (5).jpg
This year professors and chamber of commerce members donated professional clothing for students during The Career and Volunteer Expo on February 14, 2019. | Photo by T.William Wallin

This year Soll said they wanted students to look as professional as possible. Professors, faculty and chamber of commerce members donated clothing for the event so students could grab a blazer or a button up shirt before introducing themselves. Because of the government shutdown Soll said there were a few less organizations but they still expected a similar turn out at last year, around 800 students.

“Because of the government shutdown we had to actually extend our deadline,” Soll said. “We work with a lot of professors to encourage their students to attend the event since they don’t always know the opportunities that are here for them.”

WALLIN.CAREER.02.14.1920190214 (1).jpg
Kyle Barney, senior in enironmental studies, gets a free professional portrait from Kelli Jo Brown, photographer for MarComm at HSU, during The Career and Volunteer Expo on Feb. 14. | Photo by T.William Wallin

Kyle Barney, senior in environmental studies, was one of those students. He said his professor made him come for his Capstone class but was taking the opportunity to get more knowledge on the jobs that are available. Barney, along with every other student attending, was even able to get free professional portraits from Kellie Jo Brown of MarCom.

“Today will just to be figuring out what I might want to do,” Barney said. “I’m sticking around till next summer so I’m just going to see what comes up.”

Trena Neel, general biology junior, was at the event with Companion Animal Foundation. Neel has been volunteering with the organization since May of 2018.

“I walked into Companion Animal Foundation’s thrift store looking for a job but they didn’t have any openings,” Need said. “I applied as a volunteer instead because I want to be a vet tech.”

Jacks, of Companion Animal Foundation, which supports animal adoptions and community outreach services during The Career and Volunteer Expo on Feb. 14. | Photo by T.William Wallin

Neel said she grew up with animals all her life and so volunteering with Companion Animal Foundation fulfills that.

“I just want to be around animals and help them when their sick,” Neel said. “If you love your job then it’s not really work.”

Shanna Gunn, lead animal technician for Companion Animal Foundation, said they use their thrift store to support their animal adoptions and they take part community outreach in Arcata. They also help those with financial difficulty to spray and neuter their animals.

“We’re here because we want to get more people volunteering and involved,” Gunn said. “There has been a lot of people coming and showing interest. That’s why we are here.”

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