Second year students Cita Hunter and Shelley Magallanes having a lively time on the rink. March 1. | Photo by Skylar Gaven

Rolling back to the 70s

Radio station KRFH hosted a 70s themed skate night on March 1

Radio station KRFH hosted a 70s themed skate night on March 1

Bell bottom pants, tube tops and knee high socks were seen everywhere. The 70s definitely made a comeback Friday night on March 1. The Blue Lake Roller Rink was packed with students, children and other locals who wanted to join in on the lively disco party.

KRFH student DJs played classic hits from the 70s creating an uplifting atmosphere for roller skaters to dance to. Hits like “The Hustle” by Van McCoy, “Get Down Tonight” by KC & the Sunshine band, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas and of course the crowd pleasing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA came on for more laps around the rink.

Students like second year HSU student Cita Hunter came to support the small KRFH hosted event and to relax with her friends after a stressful week at school.

“I heard about this from one of my good friends, they told me to come down here because they were going to DJ,” Hunter said. “I came here to have a good time with my friends and to have a night out.”

Along with Hunter’s friend, second year student Shelley Magallanes also showed support for her fellow KRFH DJs.

“I belong to KRFH and I wanted to support an event that our group was sponsoring plus some of my friends were the DJs so I wanted to support them,” Magallanes said.

Shelley Magallanes showing off some moves. March 1. | Photo by Skylar Gaven

After a few laps skaters were feeling the burning sensation in their legs. Some skated the whole night, determined to dance until it was over like Magallanes but others had to step away at times to rest their tired feet.

Gliding against a hardwood floor around in a circle served to be a definite workout for second year student Ellena Negrete.

“Roller skating is a lot of fun and great cardio. This was an awesome Friday night,” Negrete said.

It had been a while since some people last put on a pair of skates. Though multiple fell trying to balance themselves on the rolling wheels attached to their feet, skaters still managed to get back up and continued to have fun with those who surrounded them.

Smiles were expressed on every face Friday night, from parents trying to keep a close eye on their energetic kids to college students finally getting a break to chill out with each other in a creative way.

Children and older students sharing the rink as the party goes on. March 1. | Photo by Skylar Gaven

Everyone no matter how old had a delightful time skating around showing off their groovy moves. Magallanes especially had a great time and enjoyed every moment spent at the roller rink. The 70s theme was a perfect idea to get people moving, laughing and experiencing something far out.

“I like the disco era a lot,” Magallanes said. “I like the 70s a lot and I like roller skating a lot so it’s pretty much the perfect combination of different experiences all at once for me.”

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