Tu Heavenly Tone singers closed the night with the sound of their musical talent. | Photo by Cassandra Caudillo

A night of appreciation

HSU sisterhood, The Legacy celebrates men and women of color

HSU sisterhood, The Legacy celebrates men and women of color


As the sun set and people shuffled into the KBR HSU club and sisterhood, The Legacy welcomed about 50 students and community members to their annual Brotha’s and Sista’s Appreciation Night.

This was a night filled with gospel music, good food and love spread all throughout the crowd. Every seat was filled and the room was bustling with noise as The Legacy ladies opened up the night with the Nu Heavenly Tone singers.

As the night went on a table filled with food was open and the members of The Legacy served everyone while enjoying a Black History Month playlist. As community members and students ate fried chicken, potato salad and bread rolls there were a few videos that started to play. One video in particular showcased The Legacy and why their members thought it was important to appreciate black students.

CAUDILLO.APP.NIGHT.201920190227 (2).jpg
The Legacy provided free fried chicken, potato salad and bread rolls to the community members and students who attended. | Photo by Cassaundra Caudillo

Taye Triggs, the director of student life, attended the event with her daughter who will be giving her own workshop Saturday afternoon on how it is to be a young black girl in Humboldt County. Triggs mentioned that this event was not closed off to those who are not black.

“It’s an opportunity for people to come together for all people of all races,” Triggs said. “To bring awareness to some very pertinent people for Black History Month.”

As people cleared off their plates The Legacy played videos of spoken word that pertained to Black History Month and the empowerment of men and women of color who might feel otherwise. A spoken word video in particular touched on the need for men to be open with their emotions and not be afraid to express how they truly feel.

Spanish major and first year Legacy member, Monze Garcia shared that this event has been in the works since the end of last semester. Having collaborated with the Social Justice Summit’s week-long event, they were able to settle on a date to bring this celebration to fruition. Being a part of a group of women that do volunteer work constantly and trying to bring together community members, this event was a success.

“We try to promote a good community for women of all ethnicities that need empowerment and encouragement and be there for each other,” Garcia said.

As the event came to an end The Legacy led with a saying that the audience was welcome to join in. The Legacy members would start by saying, “My love is…” and the audience would shout out words for how they would finish off the phrase. The night was one of self-love and appreciation of others and ourselves.

“To come together and know the community that’s around us,” Garcia said, “and support one another as minorities.”

For transparency Editor-in-Chief, Dajonea Robinson is a member of The Legacy.

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