An outside, streetview of Northtown Coffee. Mar. 8, 2019. | Photo by Madeleine McCluskey

Grab a cup and listen up

A cup of Joe and some tunes make for chill Friday night plans

A cup of Joe and some tunes make for chill Friday night plans

Standing on stage with microphone in hand, raising the guitar to the audience, the starting performer kicked off Northtown Coffee’s open mic night.

“I am the Squirrel. This is my tree [guitar]. Let’s get it on!”

Last Friday night, artists got it on by paying tribute to International Women’s Day before beginning their session. Rio Cerbini, a musician from Eureka, started off with an on the spot prayer celebrating women and their power.

“I pray for peace, more understanding and listening,” Cerbini said. “This place [Northtown Coffee] is a love portal, very freeing.”

IMG_0714.jpg Skyhorse performs his favorite song of the night, “Since I Met You Baby”, by Ivory Joe Hunter. Mar. 8, 2019. | Photo by Grace Caswell

Northtown Coffee acts as a space for creativity and support, and unique artists traveled from all over to bring their craft to the stage.

Antonio “Tony” J. Martinez, performed under the name Skyhorse, is a new but frequent performer at Northtown Coffee. He described a magnetic-like energy connecting him to Northtown Coffee.

“An energy brings me and pushes me here,” Martinez said. “Each [heart] beat. Each breath.”

With or without an energy present Northtown Coffee captivated its audience, offeried an experience that’s Friday-night worthy. Performers were drawn to the small stage, some visiting every Friday of the month.

A very familiar face to Northtown Coffee is Squirrel, acting as both a performer and sound assistant he attends almost every Friday, knowing what pleases the crowd.

“Animation,” Squirrel said. “Songs that bring people up, the audience wants to hear something wild.”

Audience members enjoy the live performances and cozy vibe of Northtown Coffee. Mar. 8, 2019. | Photo by Madeleine McCluskey

While energy remains high within Northtown Coffee, a chill and comfortable vibe encompassed the whole building, feeling more like a community. Jose Moreno, a first year social work major, enjoyed Northtown as a first time audience member.

“I would definitely come back,” Moreno said. “It gives you such a lifting experience.”

Northtown Coffee offers many experiences to many people. For musicians it’s a chance to perform and showcase their artistry. For the audience it’s a Friday night featuring live music and cozy coffee smells. Regardless, Northtown Coffee has something special that brings people to the same spot every Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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