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OPINION: Reddit is the sports fan’s best friend

It's only the way almost all of us stream our sports.

It’s only the way almost all of us stream our sports

With six simple steps, you can master the art of streaming any live sporting event for free. All you need is a computer, internet, and the ability not to question something possibly illegal.

Stealing a sporting event broadcasted by Comcast, ESPN, ABC or any network is illegal, but that doesn’t stop streamers from catering to the people. These streamers take live, national and local sporting events, and manipulate them to stream to thousands of viewers, which takes the athleticism of a 400-pound person sitting in a La-Z-Boy sipping on diet coke. In my eyes, they are athletes, nay, heroes. Streaming live sports from Reddit gives students the ability to watch their home team, a big game or even some college lacrosse.

HSU alumni Tanner Wise uses Reddit often for streaming sports.

“Reddit is my savior when it comes to streaming sports,” Wise said. “Because for one event, there’s always multiple streams.”

You can stream any live event from award shows too little league baseball. Reddit makes the illegal seem legal by giving streamers a platform to help the viewer. If you can’t pay for sports or entertainment packages, turn to Reddit and embrace it. Streaming off Reddit is almost too good to be true, as you can go from one sporting event to the next all day to help get you through that Sunday hangover.

HSU senior Brad Smith also uses Reddit to stream games and likes that it’s free.

“I like the convenience, price and that I can watch MLB and NFL games anywhere,” Smith said.

To better understand the six easy steps to stream live sports off Reddit pretend you’re hunting for a basketball game to watch. First, open your preferred internet browser and search ‘best NBA streams Reddit.’ Second, click on the first result, most likely titled ‘NBAStreams Reddit.’ You’ll get redirected to the happy place, where there’s a list of all the games in progress. From here choose your game and click. Once you do, a lengthy list of links and streams will appear.

Veteran tip: stick to the top links that are in the box titled ‘Verified Streamers.’ Nobody knows who these fine verified streams are, but they’re legends to all sports fans. Countless viewers will remember their work.

Step four, click on one of the top four links from the list of streams. You’ll enter a questionable website that makes you want to put duct tape over your laptop camera. But that’s the least of your worries, because, well…sports. The last step, click play, and experience freedom. Make sure to go full screen, as the advertisements on the side are a bit suggestive, and will make a stranger cringe.

College of the Redwoods student Alex Wohlberg has embraced the convenience of Reddit but reminds us there are other ways to watch sporting events.

“I sometimes go out to watch sports, but that’s only when there’s a big game,” Wohlberg said. “It’s more fun to be part of the crowd.”

There is no right way to watch sports. Some pay thousands to be there in person, and others spend hundreds to watch it on their television. Sounds like a waste of money when you could be streaming it all for free via the almighty Reddit.

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