Victoria Nazario and Alexus Walker are seniors who work at OhSnap! and are changing the lives of HSU students with helping fulfill their nutritional needs.| Photo by T. William Wallin

Student Spotlight: OhSnap! volunteers on their way to graduation

This week's Student Spotlight focuses on seniors, Victoria Nazario and Alexus Walker

This week’s Student Spotlight focuses on seniors Victoria Nazario and Alexus Walker

Victoria Nazario and Alexus Walker are seniors who work at OhSnap! and are changing the lives of HSU students by helping fulfill their nutritional needs.

What are your majors?

Nazario: I am majoring in psychology and minoring in journalism.

Walker: My major is biology with an emphasis on cellular molecular.

Why did you choose your major/minor?

Nazario: I came in for biology but was stirred in for psychology by my advisor because it was the easier way out. I tell people I’m more of a journalism major because I dedicate more of my time to journalism. I chose journalism because I feel like it has given me a way to express what I love, which is health and women’s health. I write for El Lenador and typically write about health stories. It has given me a voice to keep in touch with what I enjoy.

Walker: I came in as a bio-chem major but it was too rigorous. I always knew I wanted to go to med school and as I went further in my bio-chem career I realized it wasn’t preparing me for med school, so I switched. Biology with an emphasis on cellular molecular is more hands on.

Where are you both originally from?

Nazario: I’m from Los Angeles, east Los Angeles.

Walker: I am from San Diego, California.

What has been your favorite part about living in Humboldt?

Nazario: Meeting new people. Humboldt County has helped me grow in a way because I have been able to think for myself, and by meeting new people it has given me new perspectives.

Walker: I think due to the fact that I am from Southern California I go to the beach a lot, up here you get the best of both worlds. You can go to the beach but then 20 minutes away there is snow in the winter. There’s fresh air up here, no smog.

What is your least favorite part of Humboldt?

Nazario: My least favorite part about Humboldt State are the academic advisors here. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but I have had only one solid good academic advisor and he was for students who don’t have a major. I still find myself going to him because I don’t get the guidance I need. As far as Humboldt its really slow paced, I’m used to fast pace.

Walker: Being from Southern California its slow paced here sometimes. I feel like advisors aren’t as helpful up here as they can be. You have to find a niche here to help find your footing. Some advisors are just passing through and don’t take the time with you or build relationships.

Why did you want to get involved with OhSnap!?

Nazario: Because I am interested in all things health. Before working at OhSnap! I was taking a couple of nutritional classes. I know I want to be involved with health and women.

Walker: I’ve always wanted to help people. I’ve always been passionate about food insecurity and helping people learn that there are resources out there. To tell people there is Calfresh out there and to break that stigma that people feel like they have to look down upon themselves because of food assistance.

What’s the most you have gotten from working at OhSnap!?

Nazario: I think it’s really cool we’re here to feed people. Food is very important to students on campus and it’s a really great resource. We get to break the stigma around EBT and Calfresh. I tell my friends all the time to come in and get food. I think it’s very important for students to utilize the resources they have here.

Walker: I have gotten more people experience. When I got to college I was an introvert but since working at OhSnap! I’ve helped people apply to Medicaid and food assistance. I see students around campus and they’re happy. They tell me thank you for telling them about OhSnap! and it feels good to know you’re helping students who otherwise wouldn’t know.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Nazario: To make sure to take advantage of all resources they have on campus. Don’t be scared to ask questions and if your advisor sucks don’t end there, keep going to other advisors because you pay for it. Make sure to get the help you need.

Walker: To use all the resources available. To join clubs and get out a lot. Find yourself. If you’re coming from a bigger city to Humboldt it’s a really good learning experience and you grow a lot and find out about yourself. If someone says you can’t do something don’t listen to them. Keep it simple, don’t give up and work hard. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

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