Host Daisy Caballero on left and her student Isabel Brambila on the right, getting ready to go to an event provided by housing.

Sleeping bags on the floor

California students visit HSU to see if they want to attend

California students visit HSU to see if they want to attend

Humboldt State University is always looking for ways to recruit students. There is a program called the Preview Plus Weekend where university housing provides visiting students from within the state of California an opportunity to experience the “college life” for themselves. Students are paired up with a host who is an HSU student already attending the school.

The students are paired up with a host to give them the best experience to persuade them to go to HSU. In this program, students sleep on the floor of the host’s room with the sleeping bag they are provided to bring. They have several activities that housing has provided for them for the duration of three days.

Marcella Feathers, a 17 year old from Oakland, California, said that there are too many stairs at HSU.

“But other than that, I truly believe Humboldt State University is the school I am going to choose at the end of the day,” Feathers said. “I really liked my host as well, she actually convinced me come to this school, she definitely made it an enjoyable time.”

Marcella Feathers getting situated in a host’s dorm room.

Hosts also get benefits while signing up for this program, they’re awarded guaranteed housing, free food at the events they attend with the students, and cash. Isabel Brambila, a student from Sacramento, said that she didn’t get the vibe that she wanted from HSU.

“Since I’m from the city, I don’t think this scenery fits my personality,” Brambila said. “I definitely won’t be coming here, I think I’m leaning more towards Sacramento State instead, I just don’t think this school is for me.”

Two students who are being hosted at the college creek dorms, Joseph Guerro Garcia on the left and Isabel Brambila on the right. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Along with student’s experiences, hosts had some experiences of their own. Daisy Caballero, a zoology major at HSU, said that she usually sleeps on the couch. Caballero gave her bed to her guest so they wouldn’t sleep on the floor.

“It was a really great experience showing the upcoming students the school,” Caballero said. “I think this program helps students figure out whether or not they want to come here because they are literally experience college for themselves.”

Caballero wishes she had known about the program so she could have experienced the school a bit more before deciding whether or not this was the school for her.

“I truly only chose this school because of the price amongst other schools,” Caballero said. “But if I would have known it was going to be so secluded I probably wouldn’t have picked it.”

Students from Bay Area and SoCal area getting ready to head back on the road to make their decisions on whether to come to HSU or not. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Students who attended the preview plus program will decide whether or not Humboldt State University is their choice of school they want to go to. All students living on campus have a chance to participate in this program and get the benefits out of it as well.

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