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Networking with local businesses is the next step to be hired

Networking with local businesses is the next step to be hired

Many businesses fail because there aren’t high enough rates of customers coming in. Inertial Media helps businesses strive for the best and helps fix problems to help them grow.

This company helps businesses advertise within Humboldt County to get wider coverage. One local business they have helped is Northtown Coffee, who they made promotional videos for to bring in more customers.

Other businesses they have helped are AA Bar & Grill, Dulce Bistro, Big Blue Cafe, Surfside, Burger Shack, Lost Coast Roast, Esmeralda’s and many more.

Tex Keith, the CEO and head growth coach of Inertial Media was one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in 2018. He has a book coming out next month and was a spokesperson on the subject of failure on a TED TALKS special. Keith and his partner Antony Schreurs are very close to their clients.

“We rolled burritos at 2 a.m. for Esmeralda’s Mexican Food,” Keith said. “The guys said we have someone who didn’t show up so we went over and rolled 500 burritos.”

Not only did they generously help out Esmeralda’s but they have done far and beyond more for other businesses they have worked with.

“We once drove 17 hours for one of our clients for a tin pot because they had a bakery and this tin pot they needed wouldn’t have the dough stick to the pot,” Keith said. “Getting this pot for our client shaved off three hours of their time that they used scraping off dough from the bottom of the old pot.”

From left to right, Antony Schreurs and Tex Keith discussing important matters. | Photo courtesy De’Aundray Gooden

Inertial Media is a national company that is trying to expand to other countries. Keith was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine because he created the first brokerage in consulting.

Schreurs teaches and develops new brokers to find new clients and helps with the developments of ads. Schreurs is currently a student at HSU and used to work for a company called Deutch, who advertised for VolksWagen, where he helped in account managing.

“Me and Tex weren’t that close, we just talked in class here and there but at the time I needed a job and I heard Tex had his own company,” Schreurs said. “I just asked if he had a spot open for me and now we are partners in this company, really it’s all about networking.”

Many people who leave college don’t usually find jobs as easily as most. Schreurs said do not rely on a degree to get a job in 2019.

Antony Schreurs on left and Tex Keith on right. | Photo courtesy De’Aundray Gooden

“You are going to need a resume that needs to be impressive,” Schreurs said. “So you have to look at it that way, now without a degree, how good is your resume and if it isn’t that good then you will have to step it up.”

Dania Rodriguez, is a second year HSU student majoring in business. Rodriguez said that HSU alumni are the underdogs when it comes to business.

“Humboldt State is known for its environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical standards when it comes to fresh new business ideas,” Rodriguez said. “Growing up in Humboldt County I’ve only ever known the community I’ve been supported by. Even if I don’t come up with a business idea and start my own company/business I know I will have the locals support to find a job after college.”

Rodriguez does plan on branching out to find some networks that will help her succeed for the future.

“I’ve attended several mixers on campus for business students interested in local jobs after college within the county, and already started making those social networks,” Rodriguez said.

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