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Orion and Louis Cosce, brothers from Humboldt County, fight for UFC notoriety

Professional fighters training out of Lost Boys Gym in Arcata reflect back on their upbringing in Weitchipec, CA, attributing much of their success to determination, grit, and perseverance developed while growing up there.

Accessing the professional world of sports is an astonishing feat, an outcome many strive to accomplish yet fail. But for the Cosce brothers, not seeing their dream of fighting become a reality was frankly not an option. Growing up in Weitchpec, California, a small town located within the Yurok reservation in Humboldt County, the Cosce brothers were exposed to a cruel world of drugs and dropouts. This ultimately led to their relentless determination in taking control of their outcome at an early age and guiding them into greater depths of personal goals and success. Louis Cosce opened up in an interview with MMA Junkie about the pressures they faced early on.

“[Drug use] was everywhere,” Louis said. “It was in our family, and still is. It’s still really bad. As a kid, you don’t really recognize it. You’re living in that fantasy life where you’re out catching bugs, playing with your friends.”

Though they faced adversity early on in life both agree that without their admiration, accountability and support for one another they may not be in the position they are in currently. While Orion Cosce grew up it wasn’t all bad, but it also wasn’t all good as they lived with different families throughout their childhood. However, he feels that has helped shape them into the men they are today.

“I believe if it weren’t for Louis and I pushing each other to chase our goals, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” Orion said.

In a press conference at the Dana White’s Contender Series, Orion Cosce points out his name, Orion, is written in the stars, having that belt is within him. Still, he doesn’t underestimate the hard work it has taken to get to his position.

“You know, my brother and I, we grew up with nothing,” Orion said. “We were always there for each other and we talked about it every single day, even leading up to this fight we literally nonstop talked about this moment — it’s a big moment for us. We already knew we were going to be destined for greatness.”

In August 2020, both athletes made major headway in becoming fighters when they secured UFC contracts and just three months later, Louis Cosce, Lost Boys’ very own, made his UFC debut. Louis is hopeful as he looks to prepare for a promising future in the ring of fighting despite his November debut not going as expected, assuring friends, family and everyone who supports him that he learned a lot from that fight and further understands what he needs to work on moving forward as an athlete. Orion missed his initial November debut due to an injury from overtraining but returned to full training after two months of self-PT, after doctors advised him to take five to six months off to recover.

“I’ve changed my program to better suit how much I typically train and have already seen a huge increase in my performance,” Orion said. “I’m looking forward to getting a fight lined up now for my debut.”

Arcata’s Lost Boys Gym took to their social media to congratulate the young men.

“We could not be more proud of Louis and Orion,” they said. “It’s been amazing to watch you grow into the incredible athletes you have become these last seven years. Even bigger moments to come from these two!”

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