The Humboldt State Softball team in their dugout on Feb. 28 2020 at the HSU Softball Field. | Photo by Thomas Lal

Softball Season Abruptly Canceled Due To Hazing Allegations


Humboldt State University softball’s season has come to an abrupt end after reports of hazing have surfaced. The team had played 14 games this season before the cancellation. In a statement given by HSU MARCOM the school stated the team has been possibly been involved in a hazing incident.

“Humboldt State University is investigating the Women’s Intercollegiate Softball Team for alleged hazing,” the statement said. “As well as other possible violations of student and athletic codes of conduct. The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports and the Dean of Students have placed the team on interim suspension. All athletics-related activities, including the upcoming week of competition, will be postponed pending the results of the investigation.

The statement continued to give the importance of hazing and its repercussions.

“Hazing is both illegal and violates HSU’s student and athletic codes of conduct. HSU takes issues of hazing very seriously and the welfare of student-athletes is the priority at this time. HSU’s Office of the Dean of Students has taken the lead role in the investigation, with close cooperation from Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports. Due to privacy laws, the details of the investigation related to specific individuals will not be made public.”

The hazing investigation will be the first since the 2012-2013 HSU soccer teams. In that case, the team was suspended for hazing and underage drinking. It is unsure of how the softball team has violated player conduct rules, but a full investigation has begun.

Grant Scott-Goforth, a communications Specialist for Marcom, has given the process at which the investigation will take place.

“The Dean of Students Office will be handling the investigation into the hazing allegations,” Scott-Goforth said. “At this point, it’s very early and there are a lot of factors that affect the investigation. The DOS is taking this seriously and taking action, but we don’t have a time frame at this point.”

The investigation will continue on through the Dean of Students and there may not be an update until later. Due to Title XI, no information about the athletes and the investigation can be released. Title XI, a federal education amendment, allows for privacy and helps protect victims of sexual/nonsexual misconduct. In a statement that can be read on the Title XI page of Humboldt State’s website, the reason for the amendment can be listed.

“To ensure compliance with Title IX and other laws, California State University (CSU) policy prohibits: Discrimination, including Harassment, because of any Protected Status. Retaliation against anyone exercising rights under this policy or participating in any related investigation or proceeding. Sexual Misconduct, which includes sexual activity engaged in without Affirmative Consent. Dating and Domestic Violence and Stalking”

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  1. Anon Anon Thursday, April 29, 2021

    This is a gross and inaccurate description of what is going on with the softball team. There was an anonymous allegation made. The team is not proven guilty yet and it’s very unprofessional that the media is painting them out to be before the investigation is even done. The season is not cancelled it is suspended until the investigation is complete. Slandering the HSU softball team for an allegation that hasn’t even been proven to be true yet is very sad coming from a community that should be supporting them rather than placing a target on their backs. Shame on you.

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