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We’ve all had a troubling year, that’s for sure. Probably so much so that you’d want to rip your hair out or better yet, shave it all off. I believe that everyone should shave their head at least once in their life. I can tell you from first-hand experience that shaving your head is an absolute thrill of a journey.

I never liked my hair growing up. I was the only one in my family that had kinky curls besides my aunt. No one knew how to care for my hair when I was little, especially me. My dad certainly tried, even though he left my head throbbing after putting it in tight ponytails every morning before elementary school. When I reached middle school I decided to take things into my own hands, but it was always a lot of work. I couldn’t manage it and I never knew how to properly care for it, so I’d always try to change it. From constantly straightening my hair since middle school along with using relaxers and bleach, I left my hair completely damaged over the years. I just felt like with my hair in its natural state, I never fit in, and this insecurity didn’t get any better during high school. Every day I would try to tame the beast, as a consequence I ended up being more frustrated with my head of hair. Even when I straightened it, as much as I did, it looked terrible.

Finally, during my second year in college, constantly hating my hair, I thought to myself, “why not shave it all off?” I remember watching countless amounts of YouTube videos of people shaving their head. Everyone that I watched had glorious big manes and waist long hair, but they too decided it was time for a change. As a result, they were truly happy with the outcome.

The day I shaved my head, I was in my living room surrounded by my closest friends and roommate. The night was filled with excitement, support, and plenty of screams were shared all around. Once one of my friends took the razor and shaved off my first chunk of hair I knew there was no going back… and I loved it. Everyone in the room took a turn shaving my head. It was possibly one of the greatest moments of my life. Each shave felt like a weight being taken off of my shoulders, literally. Once it was all done, I felt so light and free.

We all have ways of choosing to express ourselves, and hair is one of them. It’s an important part of how we show who we are and what we choose to show those around us. I didn’t learn this until shaving my head. Instead of embracing how different mine was, I always tried too hard to make it fit in.

A few things that I absolutely adored about having a shaved head is that:

1. You don’t have to spend time thinking about how you want to style it, and then spend even more time trying to get it styled that certain way. Trust me, your arms will appreciate it.

2. You spend less money on hair products because you don’t have any hair to use them. Again, trust me, your bank account will definitely appreciate somewhat of a break.

3. Showers are quick and easy. Plus, the water feels fantastic on your scalp.

4. You get to truly see your face for what it is and embrace all your little features without having to hide them behind your hair.

5. Your new growth is incredibly healthy.

6. Every phase of length is new and different. This gives you every opportunity to try out new styles that you wouldn’t have before. You get to truly express yourself in more ways than one.

7. If you are someone like me who struggled to actually like your hair, you realize that once it starts growing back. You cherish every moment each little inch starts to grow

Your hair is your own affair, you get to choose whatever you want to do with it. What shaving my hair has taught me, is that you have to take care of it, like it’s your own little plant, growing everyday with the right amount of care. Taking time to care for your hair, is like taking time to care for yourself. Most importantly, shaving my head taught me how to really love myself and my hair. It gave me the courage that I thought I never had, the confidence that I always held back, and the hope for an amazing change that I never thought possible. A lot of us desire change and new beginnings, so why not start with something extremely big yet so simple? I say, shave your head!

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