The San Jose State football team practices at the Redwood Bowl on the HSU campus before deaprting for SJSU on October 14, 2020 after COVID-19 restrictions were loosened in Santa Clara County. | Photo by Thomas Lal

SJSU football team back on HSU campus

SJSU football team returns to HSU redwood bowl before the start of the fall semester.

As of the 29 of July, the San Jose State University football team has arrived at HSU. Last year the SJSU football team came to the HSU campus to practice and use the Redwood Bowl fields in late September. They plan on staying till the 8 of August for practice. All staff, players, and coaches have been vaccinated before their arrival and are following the COVID-19 protocol.

Cooper Jones, Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports, and SJSU are grateful to be able to return to HSU.

“Since the official start of football practice for San Jose State University coincides with the university hosting the Women’s Tennis Association’s Mubadala Silicon Valley tournament on many of the same campus facilities, the Spartans are thankful an agreement was reached again with Humboldt State University to use its facilities as guests through Sunday, August 8.” Cooper Jones, executive director of intercollegiate athletics & recreational sports said.

Since the SJSU team is staying between the dates of the 29-8 it is before students arrive on campus for the fall semester. An email was sent out on July 27 from Humboldt State University about welcoming back SJSU to the HSU campus. Students differ in opinions about the SJSU football team returning to the HSU campus.

Gerardo Hernandez, an HSU freshman, heard about the SJSU football team on the HSU campus through some friends. Hernandez’s main concern is the value of other HSU students and what they are allowed to do on campus.

“As a student, I’m worried that the administration will continue to cater to other universities athletic programs than cater to HSU students because since the start of the pandemic they’ve been denied a lot of access to on-campus resources, classes, facilities, and what happened with SJSU football team getting majority of that I would’ve been upset as a student,” Hernandez said.

Keynan Quigley, a senior at HSU is the treasurer of the bike team club on campus. Since the pandemic hit, Quigley has not been able to practice with his fellow teammates while SJSU was allowed to practice on HSU fields in 2020.

“It wasn’t really that it affected us, it was just unfair that they allowed another school to practice and live together when our team wasn’t even allowed to go on a bike ride together even if we wore masks,” Quigley said.

According to Lawrence Fan, San Jose State University Associate Athletics Director for Football Communications & Special Projects last time SJSU was on campus was successful and will continue to follow COVID-19 protocol.

“Last year’s experience was very positive for the San Jose State University football program and was the foundation for the Spartans’ Mountain West championship season. Like 2020, the team will live and practice on campus and maintain a “bubble” between the team, the campus, and the local community,” Lawrence Fan San Jose State University associate athletics director for football communications & special projects said.

Although it looked positive for the SJSU football team, a feeling of unfairness to some HSU students was not uncommon but not all students.

Tucker Caraway, a junior at HSU is understanding of the situation and doesn’t see any foreseeable problems, and is understanding of their situation.

“I think it’s fine, mainly because they are also a state school and we are all in the same boat,” Caraway said,” Caraway said. “If HSU needed to do something on another campus I would imagine that it would be accepted.”

Overall SJSU and HSU are communicating back and forth about keeping them and the public safe and communicating with Humboldt county as a whole.

“HSU and SJSU are making sure to limit the risk to all members of our community and prior to the team’s arrival, we consulted with Humboldt County Public Health to ensure they had no major concerns,” Cooper Jones, executive director of intercollegiate athletics & recreational sports said.

“All of the SJSU team, staff, and coaches have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and they’ll continue to follow campus protocols on masking and distancing. The SJSU team is also highly motivated to stay healthy and safe to ensure completion of their upcoming season.”

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