Climate change takes center stage

Local and federal government officials visit Humboldt County to view direct impact of climate change and to highlight solutions by local tribes and organizations

Humboldt County has become the focal point of the climate change crisis recently, as North Coast Congress member Jared Huffman and United States Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, visited the area to highlight the negative implications of climate change as well as the natural solutions the county offers.

Firefighters are currently battling the Monument Fire, burning east in Trinity County. Huffman, who represents Humboldt County federally as part of California’s 2nd district, visited the base camp in Willow Creek on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 11. He received a briefing from officials who talked about containment efforts and the struggles firefighters face from lack of resources and personnel.

At the time of publication, the Monument Fire currently sits at over 130,000 acres, with 10% containment.

In the afternoon, Huffman joined Secretary Haaland at Wolf Creek Education center in Redwood National Park to highlight efforts by national and state park services, local agencies such as Save the Redwoods, and tribal groups in combating climate change via forest restoration practices and carbon sequestration.

The day prior, Secretary Haaland visited Woodley Island on Humboldt Bay to highlight plans for offshore wind energy development.

This visit comes fresh off a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Aug. 9, which warns of unprecedented warming patterns if greenhouse gas emissions are not drastically reduced.

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  1. Matthew Matthew Thursday, August 26, 2021

    With rising wildfire rates, now more then ever, is the time we need to talk about the need for controlled fires for the purpose of environmental health and safety. Bringing back the traditionally practices of burnings that many of the Natives tribes in the area used in created the wilderness we see and live around today. Hopefully, officials and politicians will listen if they hope to truly fix this problem.

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