HSU’s new Student Activities Center


The old University Center at HSU has been transformed into a three-story Student Activities Center where students are able to relax, study and enjoy each others company. There are a number of amenities that students can enjoy, from new food places such as Bigfoot Burgers and a variety of spaces to congregate to play board or video games with friends.

Jason Meriwether, Vice President of Enrollment Management, said that almost everything that students envisioned last semester for the new center was implemented.

“The student activities center is built from feedback from our students and fulfills our vision for an improved student experience at HSU,” Meriwether said.

They said that the SAC is also designed to be a more centralized space for all student needs.

In addition to the large spaces dedicated to study and leisure, the first floor also contains a Student Life and Event Services desk where students can go to find out anything about student life on campus. From purchasing tickets for events to finding out information about campus clubs, in addition to a number of other services.

Wendy Sotomayor, SAC director, said that students are really going to benefit from this more coordinated and improved service.

“With the merging of the Student Life and Student Activities Center areas, we now have a one stop shop for student focused services,” Sotomayor said.

They also said that everything in the center, apart from locker rental, is free for all students. Sotomayor also said that all the furniture in the center is refurbished from across campus. The only additions are the arcade games, video games and board games that were added to the space for students’ entertainment.

Sotomayor encourages students who visit the SAC to provide their feedback because the center is going to continue to adapt to the needs of the campus community.

“We’ve started here and we’ll be asking: What would you like to see next?” Sotomayor said.

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