Checking in with CHECK IT

A preview of upcoming CHECK IT events and some thoughts from some CHECK IT staff on moving to in-person.

Although they’ve gone virtual, CHECK IT is continuing its work to create a more consent-centered culture and empowering others to step in when they see potential moments of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.

CHECK IT will be launching their Love Knows Boundaries campaign in October featuring some workshops and a photo campaign.

Giselle Salazar, a CHECK IT peer educator, said that the Love Knows Boundaries Campaign will focus on promoting healthy relationships and giving the campus community tools to create those relationships.

“We also go a little bit into discussing the intersections of unhealthy relationships as well as intimate partner violence and domestic violence,” Salazar said.

Also during the month of October, appropriately dubbed CHECKITOBER, CHECK IT will be doing some Halloween-themed outreach and merch. They’ll have consent-related Halloween art prompts on their Instagram. Submissions can be shared with them or you can post them to your story and tag CHECK IT.

According to Salazar, they’re planning to have a Lotería night in November and December will be focused on self-care.

Like many other organizations and clubs, CHECK IT has moved online due to the pandemic but Sophia Effa, the students for violence prevention coordinator, believes that they’re now better adapted.

“The virtual world has been an interesting one to navigate, but since we did it all of last year, we have a pretty good handle on it,” Effa said.

CHECK IT is hoping to move their Friday volunteer meetings and other events to in-person once it’s safe to do so. Jazmin Borrayo, the graphics design coordinator, said that she’s looking forward to upcoming events and projects.

“I’m hoping that as things transition to become more in-person, we can get more of our stuff out there like stickers, buttons, t-shirts, posters, etc. as we had done before COVID,” Borrayo said.

If you’d like to get involved with CHECK IT, you can drop into their volunteer hours every Friday on Zoom at 2 pm. Depending on their interests, volunteers can help with a variety of things.

To stay updated on CHECK IT events and news, you can follow them on Instagram @checkithsu, and you can also contact a CHECK IT peer educator to be added to their email list.

“CHECK IT has offered me so many opportunities to learn, grow, and get involved, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Effa said. “I encourage anyone who’s interested to get involved in whatever ways they can, whether that be applying to be a part of the team or volunteering with us.”

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