Yippee for the GWPE

If you still have no idea what this is, then you are in the right place

The GWPE has been around since the late 1970s at HSU and all other CSU’s to demonstrate writing proficiency at a higher level. GWPE was put in place as a solution to the lack of adequate writing skills.

Each campus has to come up with its own requirements to fulfill the GWPE standards. Currently, HSU is using an honor system for students that are taking the GWPE since it is online only. You have one week to complete the 100 minute exam with two mystery questions, one personal and one analytical.

To become eligible for the GWPE, you need to have completed at least 60 units and the General Education Area A requirements. It is strongly advised that you take the GWPE during your junior year. If the GWPE is not completed by your graduating semester, you cannot receive your degree until the end of the next semester that you pass the GWPE.

Online you can find sample essays and preparation workshops to help strategize and practice for the GWPE. GWPE coordinators stress to not worry about how much you write, to just focus on how well you can articulate your thoughts on the questions, and to try not to stray too far from the questions.

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