Humboldt Fashion for the Fall: Do’s and Do-Not’s

The longer you’ve been at Humboldt State University, the more likely you are to catch on to the local fashion trends. If you’re new here, I’ll break it down for you real quick as the autumn season sets in.
  1. Do shop sustainably. Your high-end-whatever isn’t going to be the flex you think it is here. Wearing second hand clothing, supporting local thrift stores, and checking out free piles is a staple of the community. You can throw a nice fit together for a few bucks, provide a smaller carbon footprint, and avoid fast fashion companies.

  2. Do wear layers! You will quite literally be sweating everywhere you go on campus if you don’t wear layers. By the time you sit down in class after walking up the stairs to Founder’s Hall you’re going to need to take your jacket off, which you also needed, because it is freezing in the mornings here. Can not stress this one enough.

  3. Don’t be barefoot! Alright, this one is just me telling you not to do this because I think it is kind of nasty. Especially if I’m eating and I look over at someone’s feet, like really… I do have to acknowledge the sustainable benefit of this though, and I applaud your efforts.

  4. Don’t be a white person with dreadlocks. I am serious about this one. It is so blatantly racist and appropriating of black culture. It is not a cool hippie look, it is a part of people’s culture and you are walking all over it. Don’t.

  5. Do wear comfy shoes. Alright, keeping this separate from the barefoot chat, you are going to look ridiculous trying to walk around freakin’ hills and stairs university in heels. You don’t have to be a dork and wear running shoes with your jeans, but throw some sneakers on at least. Also have a pair that you don’t mind getting dirty if you’re going to the forest, because it’s about to get super muddy.

  6. Don’t feel like you need to gender conform. Be who you are and let that reflect and be expressed through your style. You can do literally whatever you want! We’re all adults here, nobody can tell you how to dress, except for me of course. Just don’t hurt anybody with tools of racism in your style and I’m sure you will look hot.

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