Seasonal depression meal ideas


Fall is finally upon us and you know what that means. The shelves have been restocked with pumpkin spice everything, but left behind on those shelves is your summertime self esteem because guess what else is here, seasonal depression. Don’t worry, we have a new array of seasonally fitting meals that you can make to get you through the fall time.

  1. Bagel and Cream Cheese – You’re probably a vegan if you attend HSU, but if you are affected by seasonal depression then it probably doesn’t matter that you’ve eaten cream cheese for six days in a row. It doesn’t matter that your stomach feels horrible because you’re going to feel horrible anyways.

  2. Microwavable Lasagna – This probably tastes better in the oven, but I still don’t know whether it’s allowed to leave the film on the box, even though that is what the directions say. I don’t know if I believe them, so just put it in the microwave. You can get any sort of lasagna.

  3. Sleep – Some days you will feel so horrible that you just have to eat sleep for dinner.

  4. Watered Down Iced Coffee – When the person at the coffee shop drive thru window handed you that cup, I bet that seasonal depression went out the window. But then you have to stir it, and it doesn’t look that cute anymore. You can get oat milk as a vegan substitute, but you’re drinking coffee so you’re going to anally evade yourself all day anyways. Don’t forget to add pumpkin spice.

  5. A Double Shot of Tequila – This is always a quick and easy snack for any time of the day. I like to garnish this with pineapple juice. This is served best on an empty stomach.

  6. Freezer Burned Stir Fry – This is one of my personal favorites. With this meal, you actually have to put some effort into cooking, so it always gets me out of my funk for like five minutes and makes me feel productive. Since seasonal depression is just one flavor of my depression, I don’t clear out my freezer all year long. My frozen vegetables always look like cute little snowballs before I toss them in a pan. It’s okay if the best by date has passed because they’re in the freezer.

  7. Tech Deck Wheel – One time I dared my roommate to eat a Tech Deck wheel. They were doing pretty bad.

  8. Cherry Tomatoes – Eating a balanced meal is really important to improve your mental health, so make sure to add some greens to your diet in the form of loose, uncooked vegetables.

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