A midnight masterpiece

Religious horror like you've never seen before

Horror films are set to scare and terrify the audience, giving them the essence of dread, and fear, using people’s fear to invoke a response. The typical horror film usually has a shocking end, something to keep the audience captivated in the cathartic experience. Horror indulges our primal side, and our fears of vulnerability, being alienated, and the unknown.

Everyone can find a piece of themselves in horror, and there’s that sense of superiorness that comes from yelling at the dumb protagonist for looking out the window at night.

Now if you are a fan of anything that goes bump in the night, you have probably seen Haunting of Hill House, Doctor Sleep, Before I Wake, or even Gerald’s Game. All of these movies are creations of director Mike Flanagan, who has once again made a wonderful experience filling you with dread the entire time.

Midnight Mass is the newest creation that gives you the feeling of being watched and maybe a little bit of that Catholic guilt even if you weren’t raised Catholic. The new miniseries tells the story of a small fishing town located on an isolated island and the happenings inside the community.

The main focus of the story is Riley Flynn, played by actor Zach Gilford, and his alcoholic blunder which landed him in prison for four years after killing a young woman. He returns to his hometown that now looks abandoned after years of being gone. A man who was once an altar boy is now a disgraced outcast.

The town is mostly made up of devout Catholics and Riley further fails to fit in after he lost his faith in prison. Riley isn’t the only returning outcast. A childhood friend, Erin Greene, showed up a few months beforehand, pregnant and divorced joining Riley in the refuse of the town.

Following the return of our lead, we meet Father Paul, a new parish priest. Father Paul’s arrival brings forth a mixture of supernatural and miraculous events with injuries healed and faith slowly being restored. From the start, it’s clear that theres something not quite right with Father Paul. The missing Monsignor and the overbearing member of St. Patrick’s Church, Bev Keane point to a more sinister plot.

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