Kristina Suster shooting at archery practice in the SRC on Thursday, Oct. 7

HSU archery club hits the target

Check out the club and team that shoot for success

On Thursday nights, the Student Recreation Center is home to a group of students armed to the teeth. The fluorescent-lit astroturfed club sports field hosts the HSU Archery Club and Team. Archery novices and experts practice their craft side by side. Now that campus life has returned, they welcome new members and prepare for competition in the spring.

Juliana Suzukawa, a fourth-year student, continues her passion for archery through the team. Suzukawa got into archery when she was 15 and now competes and holds the rank of Team Safety Officer.

“We go down to Davis and compete with other schools from around the state,” Suzukawa said. “I think that students should join the club and try out for team. archery is really good for helping you focus and for de-stressing.”

The club is open to students of all skill levels. They offer instruction and equipment to anyone interested.

Sophia Aulbach got into archery through the HSU club. Aulbach started as a freshman but had to stop when the pandemic rolled around. Now that campus life is returning, Aulbach is excited to get back into it.

“I like shooting things. Archery is a lot of fun,” Aulbach said. “We have an instructor, and for me, who started as a beginner, it was great to spend time learning for the first few weeks. They have all kinds of extra bows and any equipment if you forget or don’t have your own.”

Elijah Vestal is a freshmen who got involved with the club as soon as possible.

“I do love it. If you’re into archery or if you’re not into archery, you should totally come. If you feel like you might want to, you totally should,” Vestal said.

Anthony Perez is a senior at HSU and president of the club and team. He organizes space for people to come out and shoot or for more serious folks about competing.

“It’s a chill environment to go up to the line and just have fun with archery,” Perez said. “We get equipment out to newbies and get them coached so they can feel on par with everyone else on the line.”

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