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Students may submit a Hardship Funds Request form online to access CARES financial aid.

The Humboldt State University Financial Aid Office just made the final disbursement of funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to students that qualified. If you did not qualify and are facing financial hardship, there are still funds available. Leftover funds will be disbursed to students that fill out a Hardship Funds Request form that are experiencing financial hardship.

The maximum request amount per student is $750. Once you have submitted the form, there will be a two to three week waiting period where you may be accepted to receive funding.

The form consists of a request amount and a text entry to express your position of financial hardship. Explain why you are requesting aid and what you need to use it on. This is a private form between the student and the Financial Aid Office, so there is no need to be embarrassed of your financial situation. This money is here for you, because you need it.

To access this form, check your HSU email account for an email from the Financial Aid Office about applying for Covid emergency funds. You may also contact or call (707) 826-4321 with questions. More information can also be found on the Financial Aid Instagram page (@hsufinaid) as well as their website

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