Spooky Treats!

Tis the spooky season

Happy almost Halloween!!!!!

Spooky season is here and the freighting snacks and decorations must be top tier.

To get into the Halloween spirit usually, people go to a pumpkin patch and take cute fall pictures with loved ones and friends. And then you host a pumpkin carving party right?

Well maybe. But times are a bit different and we still must be very cautious of covid regulations.

So just like during Christmas time you could build gingerbread houses, homemade reefs for the door, and decorate the Christmas tree.

Halloween has that too.

In this article, you will be shown how to make some spooky snacks.

Finger hotdogs, mummy cookies, and graveyard pudding. All of which is reasonably priced and can be found at your local grocery store and dollar tree. We are still college students who are on a budget.

Finger hotdogs

This is a four-ingredient recipe and it cost 5 bucks in total to make. You’ll need a pack of hot dogs, hot dog buns, ketchup, and thick-sliced pieces of white onion.

You’re going to cut your hotdog some little lines that would resemble a finger and at the tip of your hotdog slice a fake nail bed. The best way to have these fingers look aesthetically pleasing cook them in the oven for 7 mins total until it gets a yummy golden-brown crust. Take your thick sliced onion and place it in the nail bed you created. Add your ketchup to the hot dog to make it look like it’s gushing with blood. And there you have it. Your spooky hotdog finger.

Mummy cookies

This is simple and incredibly easy and the cost was about 7 bucks.

Purchase a pack of chocolate Oreo cookies, white frosting, and edible googly eyeballs.

The best way to get the frosting on the cookie to resemble a mummy would be to heat the frosting a bit maybe 20 seconds in the microwave. Grab a fork and dip it into the frosting and maneuver the frosted fork over the oreo cookie in whatever pattern you think would resemble a mummy. Make sure to leave a smallish gap so you can have a space to place the googly eye. To help them stick better stick a little of the melted frosting onto the back of the eyes.

Graveyard Pudding

Same as the other two ingredients, this one was very easy and cheap to make.

You’ll need some gummy worms, Oreos, either all-ready-made chocolate pudding or chocolate pudding mix. Whichever works for you. Now finding edible headstones were tricky so I just purchased some mini decorative ones from dollar tree.

Place your pudding in a glass cup, mason jar, or glass bowl. With your Oreos, we really don’t need the white part so scoop that out to the side. And depending on how much you’re making you may not need a ton of Oreos. But once you have just the cookies place them in a ziplock bag and crush them as best you can. You’re going to add the crumbled cookies on top of the chocolate pudding. Place your gummy worms in an aesthetically pleasing way in and on top of the pudding. Add your gravestone and tada you’re completed.

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