Company cancels plans to build Josiah Lawson billboard

Those who donated are being asked for their help to discover alternative options on how the money can be used

Charmaine Lawson and Justice in Humboldt plans to raise money for a billboard located on Hwy 101 between Arcata and Eureka were cut short when the company in control of the billboard refused last-minute to accept their artwork due to its “negative opinion” on D.A. Maggie Flemming. Charmaine Lawson announced this via a post on the Justice for Josiah Facebook page on Nov. 8.

“Censorship has delayed our project to broadcast our message to the public,” Charmaine Lawson said in the post.

She said that for now, the money that has been raised for the billboard has been refunded back to her and Justice in Humboldt. They intend to use the funds for another billboard owned by another company or alternate published media to promote Justice In Humboldt.

Justice in Humboldt is a new project to assist in holding County officials and institutions accountable for wrongdoings and incompetence.

Originally, the project said on their website that they intended to strategically place the billboard on Hwy 101 between Arcata and Eureka then another along the freeway in Southern California. Their intention was to target students who return home from college to enjoy the holidays. Lawson and Justice in Humboldt hoped to prompt a discussion outside of Humboldt County as well as within the community.

According to Justice in Humboldt, the billboard would advertise 3 points of importance. It would promote the Justice in Humboldt website, advertise the unresolved murder of David Josiah Lawson, and address the need for a Humboldt DA who fights for the rights of all equally.

On Nov. 14 Charmaine Lawson went live on Facebook again to speak to the Justice for Josiah community.

“I shouldn’t have to beg for justice for my child, but here i am begging for justice for my son,” Charmaine Lawson said. “Whoever is listening that can help me, I am pleading for help.”

It’s been four and a half years since the untimely death of HSU student David Josiah Lawson. His family and friends, as well as advocates within the community have never given up hope in seeking justice for his death.

Charmaine Lawson said on Facebook that if you made a donation towards the billboard and would like your money back or want to contribute your idea(s) on how the money should be used, please contact us at

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