Music plays through fall break

This week's Humboldt music scene update

Students took a break but local bands did not. The fall break music scene offered a variety of shows and genres. Venues hosted new wave post-punk, city pop, minimalist drone, psychedelic krautrock, and rural punk. Most shows saw a mix of touring bands and local staples.

On Monday an indie rock show at Siren’s Song hosted local band Biomass and touring bands Chronophage and Behavior & Mayako XO. Luke Aronie plays for Biomass and can be found at any hardcore show in Humboldt. Aronie played the show and described the Humboldt music scene this week.

“The local music scene this week was mostly quarantined, several prominent bands came down with Covid,” Aronie said. “I believe they’re all doing well though.”

Kit Lamb, who also plays for Biomass, described their Morpheus sound for this night in particular. Biomass plays such a collective of sound that not one show carries the same sound as the other. The band what it feels each show, often based on the energy of the crowd. Lamb saw a decent crowd to draw from on Monday night.

“From what I can tell there is a healthy amount of creative energy going around” Lamb said. “I was pleasantly surprised at the decent turnout to a Monday night show, and when college students are out of town,”

On Friday, Nov. 20 Blondies saw a decent mosh turnout for a trashy show. Something Wicked and East Brothers kept the crowd’s energy up with some interactive moshing.

On Nov 16 the Clam Digger Tavern hosted a show that had been postponed until it could safely navigate COVID-19 concerns. Ray Triana opened up the night’s show. Skye Freitas, as Cowboy Daddy, wooed the crowd with some experimental indie. Rottwyler came in with the rural punk sound trademark of Arcata. To finish, Morning Forever brought a dreamy sound all the way from LA.

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