Possible barge housing plan confirmed by CPH


by August Linton

In an article released yesterday by the Lost Coast Outpost, Grant Scott-Goforth of the CPH Marketing and Communications department confirmed that the University is considering barge housing for the returning students that will not be offered on-campus housing in the Fall per the University’s new policy.

“The idea of floating apartments or studios is one of many possibilities the University has been exploring,” Scott-Goforth said in an email with LoCo. 

The Lumberjack attempted to confirm this story with multiple University sources, both over email and at their offices, before publishing the previous story, ‘Cal Poly Humboldt students outraged over housing crisis.’ 

A virtual tour of one possible option is linked here, the ship in which also appeared in the apparent email leaks of the barge plan. 

Various meme pages and CPH students have spoken out online about the barge plan, sharing memes and expressing displeasure. The favorite way of ridiculing the plan appears to be calling it a ‘prison barge.’

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One Comment

  1. Henchman Of Justice Henchman Of Justice Friday, February 10, 2023

    Not to cause confusion, but years ago, say less than 20, HSU had a presser in local media mentioning the housing crunch, and that as part of a plan, 1st year students would be provided housing… the way it was presented showed returning students had to fend for themselves… so not sure why folks are abuzz NOW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, unless this is a classic case of constant pedal plucking of flowers with constant student turnovers and newbies just learning what has been hoing on fir years as media has pressed…

    … as for a barge, sure, people will live on a barge, but them people are unique…and doubt a bunch of college students desire to live on the Cal Poly Love Boat 🚢…

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