Wind Farm Under Scrutiny

A panel at Humboldt State University’s Sustainable Speakers Series weigh the pros and cons of the Humboldt Wind Energy Project.

Banned Books Week at HSU

Controversial books read aloud at HSU library in protest and celebration.

Diversity on the Plaza

Diversity Day aims to create dialogue of race between HSU Cultural Centers and Arcata locals

Letter to the Editor: Democratic Minority

To The Editor: I seem to find myself in the minority in today’s national Democratic Party. I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump

Letter to the Editor: Local votes matter

A response to ‘The importance of voting locally’ Dear Editor: The U.S. founders warned that they had designed a good participatory democracy if “We the People” could keep it; they understood how governments dominated by a cabal of oligarchs, monarchs,

Two Things the Media Get Wrong About Sexualized Violence

Humboldt State University professors discuss media coverage of sexual assault  A discussion panel on media coverage of sexualized violence will be hosted by Journalism Professor Victoria Sama and Communications Professor Maxwell Schnurer. The discussion will take place in Founders Hall

Forest awakens with music

Breakfast All Day Collective hosts the ninth community forest show in Arcata

Arcata community fights suicide stigma

Arcata community comes together in “Out of the Darkness” community walk to share stories and spread awareness on mental health and suicide.

Buses running… out of time

Part-time driver hourly limits, retirements and failed drug tests put stress on transit system schedules The Arcata and Mad River Transit System, run by Arcata Public Works Department, is experiencing a shortage of bus drivers. A problem which has affected

Sitting Hens

Animal Place uses human cage to address industry realities for hens