People protesting banks in Arcata and Eureka


By Iridian Casarez

People protesting Wells Fargo and other corporate banks funding the North Dakota Access Pipeline took to the streets in Arcata and Eureka on Saturday Jan. 28.  

People stood in front of several Wells Fargo locations to protest funding of the North Dakota Access Pipeline. They marched in Arcata Saturday morning and also marched in Eureka Saturday at noon. 

Mahilija Florendo is from the Yurok, Hoopa, Siletz, and Wasco tribes. Florendo is a youth activist who helped organize the protest.

Mahilija Florendo chanting in front of the Chase bank on Saturday Jan. 28 2017 in Eureka, California. | Iridian Casarez

“We want to tell Wells Fargo to stop financing the North Dakota Access Pipeline,” Florendo said. “We are here to tell them that we are in solidarity with those at Standing Rock even all the way from the west coast. We are here to fight.” 

Marlene Dusek is a senior at HSU majoring in environmental management and protection. Dusek is from the Payom Kawachum tribe. She was there to protest against Wells Fargo and other banks that fund pipelines.

Marlene Dusek and Camaray Davalos holding a sign in protest of the North Dakota Access Pipeline in front of Wells Fargo on Saturday Jan. 28 2017 in Eureka, California. | Iridian Casarez

“I am here to stand up for all my brothers and sisters who have been fighting against the North Dakota Access Pipeline,” said Dusek. “We are here to stand up against capitalist societies and stand up for those who protect mother earth.”

Camaray Davalos is a student at HSU majoring in Native American Studies. Davalos is from the Pechanga tribe in southern California. She thinks it is important for people to divest from banks that support pipelines she said. 

Davalos use to bank with Wells Fargo but has since stopped. “Yesterday I went to go take out money from Wells Fargo and I felt like I actually could do something,” Davalos said. “Money talks and we need to hit these banks where it hurts.”

People protesting Chase bank on Saturday Jan. 28 2017 in Eureka, California. | Iridian Casarez

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