Word on the Street: Valentine’s Day


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By | Liam Olson

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your significant other how much you love them. You can get them chocolates, watch their favorite movie, or make them a nice dinner. However, there are some people who don’t care about Valentine’s Day and think that it is not important enough to celebrate. This day has different meanings depending on the people you talk to. Here are some opinions on Valentine’s Day from  Humboldt State students.

Why do you celebrate or not celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Photo by Liam Olson

Left: “I celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s a day to remind myself and others of the love that is important in my life.” -Simone Rani McGowan, Freshman, Environmental Science

Right: “It doesn’t make sense to make a national day for love when love should be celebrated everyday.” -Nicholas Lara, Junior, Social Work

Photo by Liam Olson

“I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is the one time a year I get to go out to a nice restaurant.” -Cassady McLaughlin, Junior, Psychology

Photo by Liam Olson

“Me and my partner have been together for six years and at this point it has become just another day for us.” -Alleigh Sullivan, Senior, Art History

Photo by Liam Olson

“I celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is a day dedicated to love, which I think is pretty neat.” -Alex Ballesteros, Junior, Environmental Science

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