Sharrod Richard, also known as DJ Tana Glo, speaking to his listeners. Photo by Liam Olson
Sharrod Richard, also known as DJ Tana Glo, speaking to his listeners. Photo by Liam Olson

KRFH DJ Tana Glo on the Rise


By | Onaja Waki

Sharrod Richard won Best Music Show Award for the fall semester of 2016 from RadioFlag’s Radio Star Awards. In the spring of 2015 he was also awarded Golden Voice  and Best Safe Harbor Show from KRFH. His journey at HSU involved being the communication liaison for the Brother’s United Club, a member of the school’s debate team and last but not least a Defensive Back for the HSU football team. With all his extra curricular activities he still manages to do what he likes best, to deejay his show. With his various selections of hip hop and rap music, he gets the listeners going and keeps them tuned in. Going by the DJ name DJ Tana Glo, he gives us music from artists like Nipsey Hussle, Young Dolph, Young Thug, and so many more who are dominating in the rap industry right now. However, he likes to let upcoming artists get a chance to shine so you can even catch local rappers he knows from California being played on his shows. Hoping for a career in radio hosting and deejaying, Sharrod goes day by day living by his motto “Glow Up or Blow Up”.

When did you first start Deejaying?

I actually first started deejaying in 2015 in the spring semester. I had never used a DJ board or anything, I had took a course here at HSU.

What was your first time going live like?

It was kind of  nerve racking. It actually felt like the start of a football game, I had a lot of  butterflies. I didn’t know if  the community would accept my style of music being that it is hip hop.

Richard deejaying on his DJ board for his listeners.
Photo by Liam Olson

Where did you come up with your radio name DJ Tana Glo?

I actually was named DJ TeezySosa before I was named DJ Tana Glo. One of my friends had called me DJ Tana Glo and I liked it. On one of my shows, I had asked my listeners  to vote on which named they thought had the best ring to it. The phone was ringing off the hook, and the vote was DJ Tana Glo by a landslide!

Who or what has been your inspiration in what you do?

I have a lot of DJ friends so it was pretty natural to have a good ear for music. One of my high school friends, London on The Track, is now a producer for Young Thug and Cash Money. So I have inspirations from all over the place.

Richard speaking to a caller on the phone.
Photo by Liam Olson

How did you know you were nominated for best show, how did it feel when you won?

I didn’t know I was nominated for this award at all! I don’t remember getting a notification saying I was nominated. I remember getting an email a couple days before this Spring.

What do you think it was in your shows that got you the award? Your music selection? Your hosting?

I think it was mostly my charisma. I have a great sense of energy and that’s what I try to bring to each and every show. Also I would like to think my song selection would have played a great deal in me winning best Music Show. I brought a lot of new artist into  my show to interview and play their music. Two of them being King Tre and Paris Francis,  two HSU students, who have some great songs. So with a combo of those traits, it made me the best. All Smiles!

Richard interacting with his listeners on Periscope.             Photo by Liam Olson

Are you looking for a career in Radio Hosting? If so are there any big Radio stations you are interested in working for besides KRFH?

Yes I do plan on graduating from Humboldt State and KRFH, and going to a major radio station. I am from Los Angeles so I would love to be on Real 92.3 with DJ Charizma and Young California. I love their style and ambition to cover all of  California, North and South.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I see myself on tour with an artist or with the radio station. I have big concert plans that I don’t want to comment on due to privacy,  but I see myself being successful in 5 years. My motto is “Glow Up or Blow up”, meaning to enlighten yourself, better yourself, or Die!

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