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 Attempts at a ‘Fake’ out


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The new administration feuds with the media

By| Domanique Crawford 

You know Larry, right?
Larry is the man you decide to take a chance on even though his past is sketchy. Larry says he respects woman but cheats on every woman he’s had a relationship with. Larry says he’s not racist but all immigrants are criminals here to steal jobs from hard-working Americans. Larry professes to be one of those hardworking Americans, and yet he’s never worked a hard day in his life. You don’t believe Larry but he sings his own praises with such frequency that you compare his actions to his words and find him lacking. You begin to question Larry. So Larry decides to break it off and tell everyone that you are just a crazy ex-girlfriend.
President Donald J. Trump is the news media’s Larry except, this Larry is the Head of State, chief executive, and the legislative leader. 

Every president’s approach in how they try to handle the media is unique. However, there has never been such a determined effort from the white house to discredit news organizations.
Delegitimizing the media doesn’t stop the watchers from watching. It just makes us more suspicious. The media is considered the watchdog of the government and a tool to keep the public informed. The new administration’s consistent and unwarranted assaults on the media just make journalist more motivated to fact check every accusation they make and encourages the people to be more vigilant in watching both the press and the white house alike. 
The new administration’s ploy is to make the media outlets that don’t favor them just another crazy ex- girlfriend, to discredit them in having some kind of crazy conspiracy to sabotage the president. 

The media outlets that don’t fall in line with promoting the new administration’s agenda is classified as fake. The Media’s job is to report fairly and accurately on the facts. 
Fake news used to be defined as purposely distributing knowingly false information. However, with every appearance of the Trump administration the term “fake news” is any negative news coverage on the presidency and the new administration. 
The term is thrown around casually in a deliberate attempt to confuse the public. However, it is not the word of the media that has to be constantly checked for propagating false information. 

From day one with his proclamations of the biggest inauguration crowds ever, to Kellyanne Conway’s criticisms of poor reporting on the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre, Trump and his administration contradict themselves on a regular basis.
Larry may be able to confuse his short circle of friends that is dazzled by his performance but he is not able to hide the facts- alternative or otherwise. 

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