By | Curran Daly
By | Curran Daly

Recipe: Mac-n-Cheese Hot Dogs


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By Curran Daly

Co-created by Terra Hyke


1 carton pasta shells or macaroni

1 cup – sharp cheddar cheese

½ cup – parmesan or any other cheese

2 tablespoons – butter

2 tablespoons – all-purpose flour

2 cups – milk

1 bag – Limon Hot Cheetos

1 package  – King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls.

1 package – bacon

1 package – Hebrew Nationals all beef hot dogs

Step One: Make the macaroni and cheese.

Boil the pasta following directions on package. Strain the pasta and set aside. Heat a large pot on medium and melt butter. Make a roux, stir in flour until smooth and then add milk. Cook until thick then remove from heat and add cheese. Stir until smooth and add the pasta.

Step Two: Prepare the hot dogs.

Fill a medium pan with water and place hot dogs in the pan. Bring water to a boil turning the hot dogs occasionally. They are done when they have browned and have become darker. Divide the Sweet rolls into groups of two. Slice in half leaving the connected on the edge like a hot dog bun. Butter and toast in a small pan on low heat.

Step Three: Prepare the garnishes.

Open bag of hot cheetos. Let all the air out of the bag and then crush the hot cheetos into little chunks. Cook the bacon to desired doneness.

Step Four: Assemble the hot dogs.

Take the bun and place it on a plate. Then place hot dog inside bun. Top with your mac and cheese. Garnish with bacon and crumpled hot cheetos for flavor.

Step 5: Eat!

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