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Letter to the editor: cruel & unusual punishment


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Dear Editor,

The bill of rights is only partially followed according to the intention of the founding fathers. The freedom of speech is followed. So is the right to bear arms ( thanks to the NRA ). But the right not to be given cruel and unusual punishment is not being followed. Ask anyone who has been to prison if cruel and unusual punishment was meted out to them, and you will get a resounding yes from them. The Supreme Court does not legislate from the bench. Cases must be brought to them for them to make a ruling. The Constitution is a living document, and what was cruel and unusual in 1780 is different than what is cruel and unusual in 2017. Lawyers must bring a case regarding the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment to the Supreme Court. A person sent to prison for a short term can be murdered in prison. It happens. Is that cruel and unusual punishment to subject a person in prison to death? All it would take to end cruel and unusual punishment would be for a Lawyer to bring a case about cruel and unusual punishment to the Supreme Court, and get a ruling. Clearly the prison system is delivering cruel and unusual punishment to prisoners. Ask anyone who has been in prison if they received cruel and unusual punishment. Their answer will be yes. That is my opinion, and my plan to fix the problem, if anyone else agrees with me, tell someone, write letters, emails, make phone calls. Exercise your right to free speech. That right is respected and observed. Let’s respect and observe all of our rights. Remember, the power for the Government to exist comes from the people. Let the Government know that we want all of our rights protected, not just a select few.
Philip T Feraru

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