The Lumberjack

HSU students share their thoughts on the tuition increase

Jacqueline Gomez, junior, engineering “It was like a slap in the face because they’re not telling us where the money’s going. And I know Lisa [Rossbacher] got a salary increase. So she can get a salary increase, but we have to pay more tuition?”
Brian Taylor, freshman. “If it was going somewhere to actually improve my time here, that’d be okay. But I’d want to know exactly where the money is going. I obviously don’t want to pay the extra money because I’m already going to have a lot of debt for four years of something I don’t even necessarily want to do, but I have to do because that’s what society has put in front of me.”
Dèsha Arthur junior computer science. “I don’t think it’s justified. I don’t think it’s valid. The benefits that it’s going to bring – I don’t think the students think it’s worth while to charge us more. If you’re raising tuition you should be benefitting the students more.”
Sarah Dunn, junior, religious studies. “I just think it’s bulls**t because it’s not going to fund something worth funding. No one – no student at least – is going to benefit from it. The CSU system just seems as corrupt as the government that runs it.”
Khalil Robinson,senior, zoology and biology. “My biggest issue is that there isn’t enough transparency with what they’re doing with the money going towards tuition. They say we need it to build facilities to get more reach with the students. But then when the time comes we’re like ‘where is it? Why aren’t we getting longer library hours? Why do people in the dorms have to pay for toilet paper?’”