Raider Nation Finds New Home


By Juan Herrera

Party! Party! Party! that’s all I see in the new Las Vegas Raiders future as a professional football team. Early morning on March 27 the National Football League passed a vote moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, Nevada. The former Oakland Raiders packed up their bags and started getting ready for their new home in sin city.

Being a Raiders fan my whole life, hearing this news was like a nightmare you wish to wake up from. The Oakland Coliseum has always been the home of the Raiders and now it will truly never be the same. Ever since I can remember, my household was always the epitome of “Raider Nation” every Sunday during football season. Taking away the Raiders from Oakland is like ripping a tradition from my family for years.

A major concern I have with the Raiders relocation is the amount partying that might take place in their off time. This is a young team that previously has had troubles complying with rules on and off the field in the NFL which brings an even more concern when moving to the “party” city.

According to Josh Planos from the Washington post, since 2000 the Oakland Raiders have committed a whopping 2080 penalties. Planos goes on saying this sets them with 215 more penalties than any other team in the league.

Although I am devastated over the move, Humboldt State student and former Oakland resident Lorea Euskadi expresses how she is torn apart over the change as well.
“Ever since I could remember my mom would always secure our spots for our season tickets for the Raiders, but not this year.” Euskadi said. “Growing up in Alameda, where the Raiders practice field was, makes them not only a team but apart of my childhood and town.”

Euskadi goes on to mention how even though she is spiteful against the Raiders moving she is still a loyal fan and is hoping for a strong season in 2017.

Another heartbreaking change that is coming with the Raiders’ move is a large increase in ticket prices. According to Levi Damien from the online sports publication SB Nation, almost every section of ticket prices have increased by at least 25 percent with some even increasing by 100 percent. Damien reveals how the Raiders new stadium will cost around $925,000 per year and $3.5 million in total, which explains the fans having to pay the price in ticket increases.

Even though many people are upset about the move, Kassidy Hayes, an HSU student from Las Vegas, talks about how she is more than excited for the new Las Vegas Raiders.

“As I transfer to UNLV, I am beyond excited for what the Raiders are gonna do for my college in terms of football.” Hayes said. “The amount of recognition that the Rebels will be getting is incredible.”

Hayes also discusses how as a resident of  Nevada it might not so inviting to have them come.

“The area already gets ridiculously congested with traffic,” Hayes said. “And the location of the stadium is going to make matters worse.”

As a Raider fan all I can hope is that the new Las Vegas Raiders will truly succeed and not get distracted from the crazy environment they now call home.

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