Border Battle 2017 – “Chumboldt” Versus Oregon


By Andre Hascall

Oregon and California clash at Humboldt State University. It is called the Border Battle due to the participating schools from Humboldt, Chico, Southern Oregon and Oregon Tech. Humboldt State and CSU Chico teamed up to represent California, Oregon was represented by Southern Oregon University and Oregon Technical Institute. Many of the top performers of the weekend were competing for Humboldt.

Brendan Roderick, sophomore Kinesiology Major, finished in second place in the triple jump, gaining points for the California team. Roderick is originally from Springfield,Oregon, but he lived in southern california before coming up to Humboldt State. “Its one of my favorite meets because it’s california versus oregon,” Rodrick said. “So we got Chico and Humboldt, also known as Chumboldt, versus Southern Oregon and Oregon Tech.”

Caitlyn McCoy, junior, runs the 100 and 400 meter hurdles. McCoy placed second in the 100 meter hurdle. McCoy mentioned that hard work all season built this team for success. “We have made huge progress I remember back in the first practice everyone was dying and out of shape,” McCoy said. “Now we can run our events and get first, second or third.”

Roderick was amongst one part of the successful men’s team that featured plenty of runners and throwers who performed well. Corey Berner, a sprinter on Humboldt Men’s Track. Berner gave his fellow relay runners a strong finish to cement a win. He did this, of course as an anchor being the last runner in the relay. “It was back and forth we got the baton at the same time, and I could see him in the corner of my eye,” Berner said. “I’m pretty sure he took the lead for a moment but I told myself to relax and then I pulled forward, it was close, but we got it.”


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