Four score and seven years later


We need proper advising. Graduation is upon us, yet many students find themselves coming back next semester because they did not receive enough units to complete the graduation requirement. More students are taking more than four years to get their diplomas, and they have to pay even if they only need one or two classes. Freshman are told to take 15 units or more to graduate in four years, an unrealistic pressure to put on an 18-year-old. If you’re living on your own for the first time and taking on a financial burden taking more than 15 units could be too much.  Other students are told to “double-dip” classes. “Double-dipping” is where classes count for two general education classes rather than just one. “Double-dipping” classes leaves a lot more room for students to finish up their major courses. But if some students finish their general education requirements and their major requirements too early they are left with elective credits to make up before meeting the 120 unit cap to graduate and earn their Bachelor’s degree. Some classes are only offered every other semester, and some are offered every two or four years which makes it hard for students to plan their semesters accordingly. This is especially a struggle for transfer students with upper division courses. Transfer students take some upper division courses that they need to take again at HSU. There is a lack of communication with advisors and students. Sometimes advisors are not available to students to discuss their future at HSU. Advisors aren’t fully trained to actually advise students on which classes to take. The university needs to train their staff to the fullest to be able to advise students accordingly. Students should make a four year plan of their classes so they could earn their bachelor’s degree in four years.

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