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A campaign for things unseen1 minute read

By | Charlotte Rutigliano

At HSU, one in ten students have a disability. Most have a registered disability that is non-apparent.

According to Kevin O’Brien, director of Student Access Services and Student Disability Resource Center, approximately 80 percent of disabilities are non-apparent. This includes chronic health issues, learning disabilities, attention deficits, or psychological disorders that are not immediately obvious.

“Because disabilities aren’t always apparent, we want to get the word out about this,” O’Brien said. “There’s more than just visual disabilities.”

This is the first year the Student Disability Resource Center has done this specific campaign. According to O’Brien, past years have been much more dramatized.

“There was one year that some professors were in a wheelchair for an entire day,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said that they try to do something like this campaign every year in the month of October because October is Disability Awareness month.

The Student Disability Resource Center partners with Tri-County Independent Living center to put on the campaign.

“We try and encourage self-advocacy for students,” O’Brien said.

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