Prisoner Mary Severdia handing out tickets to peoples nightmare at the Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors on Oct. 28. Photo credit: Juan Herrera

Scary Science


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By | Juan Herrera

Haunted houses are scary enough, throw in moving objects and you have a whole new ballgame.

The Kinetic Sculpture Lab hosted their Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors to the Arcata community to give them a pre-scare for Halloween. The Horror Lab consists of a maze of many different projects created by the Kinetic Sculpture team. They are not only terrifying but also move to make the sculptures even scarier. This event has been going since 2009 and always takes place a few days before Halloween as well as the day of. At the event the Dead Drops, a music band, will be live performing as well as a free barbecue for people who survive the lab. This year the event took place on the corner of 8th and N St. in Arcata on Oct. 26-28 and Oct. 31 from 7 p.m. to midnight. If your a fan of haunted houses, go on down and see if you can survive.

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