A performer during B-The Underwater Bubble Show at The Arkely Center, Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. Photo credit: Robert Brown

B-The Underwater Bubble Show In Eureka


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By | Robert Brown

The Arkley Theatre was transformed into an underwater world called Bubblelandia on Thursday, Oct. 26.

Mr. B and the inhabitants of Bubblelandia went on an imaginary journey in an underwater world full of seahorses, dragon fish, starfish, and mermaids, where fantasy becomes reality.

The plot is based on the modern everyday life of most people, always too busy and filled with stress. Becoming increasingly abusive of modern technology like mobile phones and other gadgets that allow us to make a faster connection, but cause us to lose connection with reality. People need to have a time when they can just let go of everything and daydream.

The show was inspired by the famous Canadian troupe “Cirque du Soleil,” and is a blend of drama, mimery, dance, puppetry, juggling, contortionism, sand art and magic. Laser technology, soap bubble tornadoes, fog machines and smoke filled bubble machines that create optical illusions along with amazing performers. The show was projected live on a 380 square foot LED screen that became the backdrop for the performance.

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