Adonnis Johnson looking deep into his abstract creation of cards and strins. Photo credit: Juan Herrera
Adonnis Johnson looking deep into his abstract creation of cards and strins. Photo credit: Juan Herrera

Multi-talented artists


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By | Juan Herrera

The art world has no discriminations about who can “join” or become an artist. If someone can randomly put anything together and can technically still be considered art, then anyone who picks up a pencil to draw or crafts to create is technically considered an artist.

As I passed through the colorful hallway entering the art building I bumped into Adonnis Johnson, junior at HSU, and noticed he had a painting in one hand while juggling a rugby ball in the other.

“Playing ball while supposedly being an artist, was kind of stressful at first.” Johnson said. “Because in high school not too many of the athletes enjoy’d art or drawing, but I did.”


He said that growing up he was always taught to be true to his self no matter what anyone said towards him or about him.

“At first I was super nervous to share my passion for art,” Johnson said. “But everyone laughed at me and told me they thought it was cool I liked art.”

Johnson said that he first found his passion for art when he visited his first live art museum. According to Johnson a live art museum is where artists from all around the world come together to either draw, paint, craft, or even weld beautiful pieces of art.

“I first attempted to draw my freshman year of high school,” Johnson said. “And like most famous past and present artists I sucked bad at first.”

Adonnis Johnson showing of his half selfie and half wolf painting in the art building at HSU Photo credit: Juan Herrera

Johnson said that at first he was discouraged about art but knew he had a great passion for it still. After working on his drawing skills for nearly a year he finally started to notice improvement and get recognition for his art.

“My parents always taught me to never give up on anything I start,” Johnson said. “So that’s what I did with art, and I guess you could say I’m not that bad.”

Playing sports practically his whole life and drawing for nearly eight years of it, when asked to choose between the two, if he ever had too, he got shaken up by his own response.

“Man that would never happen, choosing that would be the hardest thing I’d have to do,” Johnson said. “But honestly i’d probably go with art.”

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