Getting ready for finals


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By | Charlotte Rutigliano

With finals right around the corner, students like Stephanie Toste and Ellen O’Hare are starting to prepare for them now.

Toste who is a senior business marketing major said that she has a final in all four of her classes and is starting to study for them now.

“I normally review my notes and the book for that class,” Toste said, “along with any study guide the teacher provides.”

According to Angelica Huerta who has been a Chemistry tutor in the Library’s Learning Center for about three years she notices that as it gets closer to finals there are fewer students that come into the library.

“When it is finally finals week they come in swarms for last-minute study sessions,” Huerta said.

Huerta said that personally, she starts preparing for finals by studying by herself and with a group of peers. She said she also likes reading through chapters she didn’t fully understand, redoing past exams, and rereading her notes.

Wildlife major O’Hare said even though she has never used the Library’s Learning Center to help study for her finals, she is still an avid studier in the weeks leading up to her exams.

“Normally I start by making flash cards or study guides of the material,” O’Hare said, “things I can go over later and quiz myself on.”

O’Hare who has already taken one final before the fall break is still preparing for her final two exams, one of which is this upcoming week for a lab course.

Toste who has one more semester of school said that she is looking forward to having a break before next semester and not having to stress as much.

In an ending piece of advice for students, Huerta said for students preparing for finals should relax, be organized, and be confident.

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