The Classic burger with a side of housemade slaw at The Burger Joint in Arcata on Feb 2. Photo by Matthew Hable.

Restaurant review: The Burger Joint


One of Arcata’s latest restaurants launched their soft opening on Feb. 1: The Burger Joint.

Owners Halleh Paymard and Will Hauser have a good thing going. The marquee above the front entrance grabs your attention. Once you’re hooked, you can’t help but scope the scene.

The front entrance of The Burger Joint in Arcata on Feb 2. Photo by Matthew Hable.

The decor has a warm industrial chic look. Once you step inside, the ordering counter, lined with about a dozen draft beers, pulls you in. Communal tables and a bustling open kitchen are apparent, too. The spacious patio is perfect for a burger and a beer on a sunny afternoon. As a bonus, two classic arcade games, Street Fighter III and BurgerTime, are located in the back of the restaurant.

Michelle Pipitone, mother-in-law of co-owner Hauser, is putting together handmade wreaths on the patio. Pipitone says the wreaths are just some of the adornments they plan on adding to the overall aesthetic of the restaurant.

Burger Joint employee Loren Palmisano suggests one their signature burgers.

“I recommend The Classic,” Palmisano said.

The Classic consists of a little over five ounces of grass-fed beef, Loleta cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and house sauce in between Beck’s Bakery buns. The order arrives with a side of coleslaw, as requested, in less than 10 minutes.

The burger was love at first bite. The juicy, medium-well patty is savory, accentuated by the buttery brioche-like buns. In addition, the vegetables were remarkably fresh. The freshness of the slaw was no exception, but it tasted more like a lightly dressed cabbage salad than your average slaw.

HSU alumni and lifelong vegetarian Ariana Hendren is impressed with the house-made veggie burger and her side of sweet potato fries.

“Compared to other veggie burgers I’ve eaten,” Hendren said, referring to the texture of the veggie patty, “it doesn’t feel like it’s about to fall apart.”

Paymard, who also owns T’s Cafe North in Arcata, looks forward to the grand opening, which will be announced to the public soon.

Burger Joint is located at 835 J Street in Arcata, right next to Dead Reckoning Tavern and behind North Coast Co-op. For more information, visit


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